Lottery Winning Numbers – Secrets to Winning the Lotto – Improve Your Chances to Win the Lottery

If you want to predict lottery winning numbers, then read this. You will learn some tips on how to win the lotto.

Sometimes it pays not to be the lone player especially when it comes to high-octane risks of the lottery and participating through an e-lottery syndicate is perhaps one of the best possible tips on how to win the lottery. Not many people would be in the know-how of this tip as the sole purpose of taking part in a lottery is to rake in the ‘moolah’ all alone!

An e-lottery syndicate can utilize the internet to get more people to participate in the lottery and win more frequently. This takes place because when you buy a ticket through a syndicate you automatically become eligible to share in the winnings of other members even if your number has not won. In actuality, all you are doing is participating in a lottery draw many times without paying extra thus increasing your chances of winning at minimum cost.

Syndicates operate across many countries and by signing up for an e-lottery syndicate players get an opportunity to participate in some of the biggest tax-free lotteries in the world. This type of online syndicate simplifies things as all you need is a computer with an internet connection and your credit card. No more queuing up in lines to buy lottery tickets, no trudging to the lottery-seller everyday to check on the results and if you do win, no having to travel away from home to collect the winnings. An e-lottery syndicate means everything is computerized and upon winning, the information is sent via e-mail and the money reaches you at your home.

There are many online sources available to check on the various online lottery syndicates and you can choose one which suits your pocket. Going in for an e-lottery syndicate seems to be the most surefire tip on how to win lottery.

Lottery Software

Lottery software plays a vital role in increasing your chance of winning a game. This strategic tool helps the player to pick the winning lottery number combinations. Lottery software is database driven and has an easy-to-use interface. You can easily set up the software for most lotteries around the world, including the U.S and Canadian lotteries.

A full and abbreviated wheeling system with filter is used in most lottery software. The filter helps to eliminate weak tickets, with combinations of numbers that have least possibility of winning. The software also includes a database for recording the details of the previous winning numbers.

Basically, there are two types of lottery software – lottery number analysis software and lottery prediction software. The lottery number analysis software provides an easy method to analyze single and group numbers, and also the numbers in lines. It can be used to find the frequency and occurrence of the number. The software uses different types of analysis methods such as mathematical analysis, visual graphical analysis, and geometry. Some software even uses artificial intelligence or neural network algorithms to determine the winning patterns.

Lottery prediction software allows the player to identify the numbers which are likely to be drawn in the next upcoming drawing. The prediction is done based on the previous draw calculations. The software reviews the previous winning numbers, sorts them, and determines the new number. Normally, the software sorts the numbers into two categories – hot min numbers and cold numbers. The numbers that are drawn more frequently are considered as hot min numbers whereas those that are overdue to be drawn are sorted as cold numbers. Some software also lists the last drawn numbers. The sorted lists are displayed both in grid and graphical forms. Apart from these, lottery prediction software provides statistical reports and ball occurrence reports.

Above all, syndicate management software and entry management software are also available. Syndicate management software allows you to manage the medium and full lottery syndicates. Entry management software is specifically designed for the lone player.

How Will the DV Lottery Result be Declared?

The DV Lottery Result is announced annually by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) only. No other organization or company is authorized to declare the results to the selected people in the DV lottery program.

The KCC selects the winners through a computer that does the selection randomly for the fiscal year program. Earlier, they used to announce the DV lottery result by regular postal mail between the months of May and July every year. During the 2010 fiscal year program, they did a pilot program which enabled applicants to check the results online through their online web site This helped all applicants know whether they are selected for further processing or not.

They continued with the winning notification through post for the selected winners and the online status check facility for the 2011 fiscal year program too.

Finding the online status check facility a successful one in announcing the selected winners, the State Department decided to scrape the postal winning notifications sending process during the DV 2012 program. All the DV 2012 applicants were required to retain their confirmation number after submitting their entries during the entry submission period. Applicants will be allowed to check their status in the official web site with their confirmation number and other personal details. It was decided the DV lottery result for 2012 will not be sent to the selected applicants individually. The winners will not get any notification through postal mail, email, fax or phone. If anyone gets a winning notification through any of these ways, it may be a fake one.

The DV Lottery Result Process

Every year, once the electronic entry submission is over, the official website will stop accepting entries for that particular fiscal year. The computers will start to randomly select winners from the valid entries region wise.

Each entry will be given with a case number per the fiscal year and the applicant’s birth country’s geographical region. If an applicant from Nigeria is selected for the 2011 program, his case number for the DV 2011 will be 2011AF0000xxx12345. All selected persons are informed that they should not proceed further with the green card lottery program if they don’t have the required education/work experience, which are the key eligibility requirements. Also ensure to keep your confirmation number safe as there is no other way to check the results.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that being selected for the program will not give the applicant, the American Government’s immigrant visas instantly. Being selected only gives them a chance to apply for the immigration visa by paying the required immigrant visa fees and the diversity visa processing fees. The entire fee approximately will be $819 for an individual. Other eligible family members should also pay the same visa fees for each of them whether they are joining the primary applicant to the USA or not. The visa fees will not be refunded if the visa is rejected for some reason.

The appropriate visa fees should be paid ONLY to the US Embassy or Consular office on the date of the interview. Remember not to send the fees by bank or through any other organization.

The DV 2012 application form requests the applicant’s email address. Though the KCC will not send the winner selection through the email, in the future, after wining the green card lottery those who had been selected will be contacted through their email addresses for further communication while their case is being processed.

Pick 4 Strategy Exposes State Lotteries’ Greatest Fear

State Lotteries across the country protect their Pick 4 lottery systems by writing rules and regulations that prevent the Pick 4 lotto results from bankrupting their systems. They shut out Pick 4 lotto players who want to win the Pick 4 by cutting off a popular number.

Sometimes players go to their local retailer to play a Quad type Pick 4 number such as “7777″ only to be told that this Pick 4 lotto number is not available. The players are using their favorite Pick 4 Strategy that leads them to choose this number. Or, players play it based on a particular date.

In the Illinois Pick 4 many players around November 11, 2009, started playing “1111″ and continued playing this same number hoping the Pick 4 lotto results when drawn would bring them a cash windfall. For months of being shut out when attempting to play, “1111″ exposed the State’s Pick 4 Strategy. The interest in this particular number gained renewed life based on the date January 11, 2010, with 1.11.10. Pick 4 lottery systems based on dates continued to prevent players who wanted to win the Pick 4 to be shut out for another six weeks or more in Illinois from playing “1111″.

With the payout of five thousand dollars ($5,000) for every one dollar ($1) Straight Ticket, the State Lottery coffers would have to payout $1 Million for every two hundred ($200) dollars worth of winning tickets sold. The Pick 4 lottery systems that advocate “date play” that form Quads bring fear to the heart and soul of every State Lottery Office in the country. The winning Pick 4 lotto results, in this case, means the State Lottery could incur a major financial loss.

The only way the State Lotteries could prevent themselves from going “bankrupt” is by writing rules and regulations that would limit the number of tickets that can be sold on a particular Pick 4 number. Their Pick 4 Strategy is particularly focused on the Pick 4 lottery results of a “quad” being drawn. The sale of 500 winning tickets at the basic level of one dollar would result in a Pick 4 lotto payout of $2.5 Million Dollars in most States.

Every time a Quad Number is overplayed, because of popularity, the State’s Pick 4 Lottery System has to expose their Pick 4 Strategy by simply cutting off that particular number from being played.

On March 31, 2010, in the Pennsylvania Big 4, 7-7-7-7 was drawn in the evening draw. The PA Lottery had $7.77 Millions in payouts to over 3,100 players who invested wisely in this Big 4 winning number. The PA Lottery had to pay out more than $7.2 million dollars than it took in for that drawing. The Big 4 payout was a staggering 1,573 percent of sales according to the lottery spokesperson. Luckily for the PA Big 4 Lottery, quads which are very popular with pick 4 lotto players, are rarely drawn.

The last Quad to be drawn in the PA Big 4 was 2-2-2-2 on September 8, 2008, with a payout of $3.09 Million to 1,236 Pick 4 lottery players.

The Pick 4 Strategy to play Quads by so many Pick 4 lotto players exposes the strategy most State Lotteries use to counter pick 4 lotto results that could bankrupt them….this is their greatest fear.

As a Pick 4 lottery player, when was the last time you were shut out with your favorite Pick 4 Quad?

Lottery Number System Exposed!

Are you one of the millions of people around the world who keep on forking out money to bet in the lottery? If you have no qualms about gambling away your hard earned money, the least you can do is to make sure you have a better chance at gaining back your money. Since there are thousands and millions combinations in the lottery, you have probably one in several millions of chances to win in the lottery. The more the numbers you have to pick are, the lesser your chances of winning are. There are states where there are as few as 25 numbers to choose from while there are also states that have as many as 59 numbers to choose from. Your odds depend on the lottery game you are playing and the numbers that you are playing. There is a way to improve your odds with the lottery number system. It is difficult to cheat the lottery, not to mention, it is also illegal to do any form of cheating even in gambling. There are not guarantees that a number combination picked by a lottery number system will be the winning number combination. If a lottery number system you are considering promises this, then it is better to stay away from that particular lottery system.

There are differences in the way these lotteries are played in different states. While a lottery number system can work in most lotteries in the United States and even in other parts of the world, there is no guarantee that the lottery number system can make you win in all your bets all the time. Developers of these lottery systems have taken time and effort to study previous drawings to come up with the best possible number combinations with the highest probability of winning in the following draws. By using these tested lottery number systems, there are no more random guessing for number combinations or using sentimental numbers to place your bets on. Gone are your days of betting without basis. Now, you can play the lottery and treat it like a steady source of income. Sure, there are no guarantees that you’ll hit it big time. But, the consistent wins you will experience by using a lottery number system will bring in the money in a steady stream just like a regular job would.

Lottery is gambling. Lottery is a game of numbers. Lottery is a game of probabilities. Millions of people around the world are hoping to have the probabilities on their side as they continue to patronize their own country’s or state’s lottery. Millions and billions of money are at stake in these lotteries with the great number of people putting their money into the lottery pot. Only a percentage of these bets are actually put off as winnings. You can take your part in this pool of funds. You can be one of the few people who have experienced the thrill of winning in the lottery when you let the lottery number system, a system based on past draw results and trends, work to your advantage.